Interior Painting is anything but the dull, boring paint job. You have a plethora of colors to choose from when painting a new room. In fact, ideas for room painting can be quite elaborate as well. Depending on what effect you would like the final result to have, you can create the perfect..

Apply the chemicals to your surface and treat your stains before washing. When you turn the pressure washer on, keep the pressure washer away from any surface (and innocent bystanders). Pressure from the water stream can hurl you up in the air and throw you flat on your back for all neighbors to see. Water pressure can be powerful.

Preparing a surface for painting is often more work than the actual job of painting. For paint to adhere, surfaces generally have to be dirt free, dust free, dog hair free, crayon free, fingerprint free, paint chip free, oil and grease free, mold and mildew free, and free of anything else that could possibly interfere with the paint staying on.

A good exterior paint job on masonry walls should last for about ten years. If your exterior masonry walls are unpainted or due for an update, special preparation is needed before you start slabbing the paint on. The outside elements have no regard for the longevity of your paint-job, or your...

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