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Get Your Exterior Metal Paint Job to Last Longer than a Heavy Metal Band
Friday, 09 April 2010 15:35

Heavy metal bands can wear down over time, and so can your exterior metal pipes and gutters.  Iron and Steel are ferrous metals, and can get corroded if they're outside and exposed to years of weather beatings.  Paint on exterior metal can slow down the corrosive effect of water, but it can't stop it completely.  A good metal primer and some special metal paint can stop rust and corrosion from performing at its best. 

To prepare your exterior metal for painting, you want to get the rust off and get rid of any old, fraying paint hanging around.  If there is only a little rust, you can use a steel-wool pad or try putting some mineral spirits on waterproof abrasive paper and see if that will work better.  If those don't work, the rust may be a little heavier than you thought.  Try getting it off with a wire brush, or rock-out with wire wheel stashed in your hand-held drill.  Wear goggles so the flying rust doesn't start corroding your eyes along with the pipes.

If you want to prepare your metal gutters to last, clean them out (which you should be doing at least yearly), wash them, then apply asphalt coating to the inside before applying any primer.  It's a good time to make any repairs and make sure they are directing the water away from your house.

Once those chores are done, apply a rust-inhibiting primer to your metal pipes, gutters, and whatever other metal you're in the mood to paint.  Make sure you get the primer into all the nooks and crannies or the rust will come back to haunt you.  Do this right after you get the rust off, don't wait a couple days.  Rust can make a comeback faster than a 20 year-old rock band.

When you're ready to paint, make sure you get an exterior-grade gloss paint made for metal.  If your pipe has its back against your exterior house walls, just slide a piece of cardboard behind the pipe while you paint the pipes and the cardboard will protect your siding. 

Your metal pipes should look as good as the rest of your house.  You could even be eccentric and paint them a non-traditional color or with a tint that complements your house.  Whatever color you paint them, if you've done your work and primed them, your exterior pipes will last longer than any heavy metal band.