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Saturday, 27 February 2010 02:05

No matter how lively a color is, it can outlive your enjoyment. People change, furnishings change, and the same-old same-old gets boring. Applying paint effects brings texture and new life to your surroundings without a major investment. The secret is in the tools.

Although anything can be used to create paint effects, there are some basic tools found in hardware stores that can help you create the look your eyes are after. The basics are stencil brushes, combs, rockers, softening brushes, dragging brushes, stippling brushes, natural sponges, and rags.

Stencils brushes are obviously for stenciling. Stenciling gives you the power to create patterns, scenery, murals or just random object designs. It's easy for beginners, and patterns can be found at local stores. If you're the crafty type, you can make your own original designs out of cardboard.

A “comb” can create a pattern of straight or curvy lines on your wall (with fresh paint). The teeth on the comb come in different sizes. If you're willing to invest the time, you can vary the sizes and widths to create movement, fluidity and texture – or simply create lines that complement your favorite striped bedspread. A “rocker” is used to create a wood-grain look using paint or glaze. If you love paneling, but can't afford it or find colors that suit your taste, the “rocker” is the tool for you.

If you're a naturalist and enjoy the open ocean and clear blue skies, you can use a natural sponge to create cloudlike effects. A “dragging brush” is long and coarse and can give your walls the grainy effect of sand beneath your feet. Rags can create gentle or exciting patterns. You can vary impressions by using different types of cloth, crumpling or rolling the rag, or by using the same techniques with plastic bags or paper bags. The results are powerful, yet can be subdued or alive. (Do you prefer the strokes of Monet, Van Gogh or Picasso?) If you like things soft and flowy, a “stippling brush” will create a soft velvety-like surface. The “softening brush” is used to remove unwanted hard paint lines.

Get some inexpensive painting tools and play around in paint. Put some new life into your mundane walls and wake up to a welcoming change.