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Preparing For Interior Painting
Wednesday, 07 October 2009 03:41

Interior painting is a fairly easy job any dedicated worker can tackle on their own. But before one begins to start slinging paint all over your priceless 18th century grandfather clock, one should take several steps of preparation. First of all, deciding what color, what type of paint, and how much you’ll need are the necessary first topics.

Latex-based paints are used for most interior paint jobs. Latex paint is easy to clean up with water and also comes with a variety of colors. The Amount of gloss you use should depend on the room itself and your discretion. Rooms with low amount of use, (Such as the Family Room and Bedroom), should have a flat or low gloss finish. Rooms such as children’s bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens and pantries should be considered for a glossier finish. A paint with a glossier finish will last longer and look better.

Glossy finishes also work for floorboards and trims. This is a contrast with the flat wall paint. The trim often gets the largest amount of handprints and dirty smudges. For rooms such as the bathroom, and other rooms with high humidity and traffic, consider using an oil-based paint. The Best oil-based paint has a high-gloss enamel finish, which creates a thin layer of a hard plastic coating for protection in extreme conditions.

On average, a gallon of paint will cover 400 square feet in one coat. Professionals tend to put on just the right amount of layer thickness, and do-it-yourselfers (such as yourself), will often use much more paint than needed. The amount of paint needed will vary depending on the surface quality, the color of paint and how many layers you choose to paint on. Paint will cover a room better in two thin coats instead of one thick one, and this should result you in saving some money, because the gallon would go further this way.

There are a variety of different wall surfaces. Textured drywall is the most common finish found in modern houses or remodeled houses. It has a textured finish that looks like ripples or bumps. Smooth drywall is another finish found in modern homes that looks very smooth, to the extent where it looks slightly like glass. Plaster is an interior finish found in many older homes. It’s made of a gooey-like mixture that is dragged onto a lath. The lath could be wooden strips, wallboard, or metal. The painted finished surface looks just like a drywall in modern homes, but the plaster is rougher, harder and much more brittle.

And once you have decided upon the paint color, paint type, and how much paint you’ll need, you can begin to finally learn about the painting process itself.