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Fun House Painting
Wednesday, 18 November 2009 03:39

Painting a house is often viewed as an experience of boredom, pain, and agony. Many people will go to extreme lengths to avoid repainting the exterior of their house, until the clock is upon them and there is no other alternative. Yet, painting a house does not need to be torturous; there are several ways to make House painting not only easier, but even a little fun.

Exterior house painting is back breaking work; you can’t get around that. Painting a whole house can take anywhere from hours to days to complete, depending on the scope of the project. The materials you buy are endless; from paint brushes, rollers, paint, and all the other little things you need. Laying out tarp is another boring chore that comes with house paint, yet lest you do it you can get paint onto your valuables and lawns. With all these annoyances to consider, its difficult imagine house painting anything but a drag. Yet, if you do a good job, the outcome of the project can make everything feel worthwhile. This is done best if you take your time and pay attention to details; the more you stressed you get and try to hurry through the project, the worse off the result. If you feel like you need to better your painting, you could always get pamphlets and read articles on the internet. Being prepared and confident will make the project go that much smoother.

Working with friends makes the job of painting a house that much easier. Talking and socializing with people while working will make the job go by quicker, and make it much less lonely. Working with friends will also allow you some bonding time, maybe catching up with some buddies while getting a job done. The incentive of a free meal and a cold beer might do the trick to get a group of friends over to quickly finish up the job for you.

If everything goes successful, and you and your friends seem to do a good job painting, you might even consider starting a painting crew. Many college students take up jobs like house painting to earn some extra cash on the side; if a twenty year old can do it, why not you? . Running and maintaining a successful crew takes will take good managerial skills and good organization; yet who knows, from there you might be able to even start your own company? Who knows, maybe something that began as a annoying chore on the weekend could turn into a million dollar idea? As long as you stay positive, are prepared, and have a buddy or two with you, your exterior house painting should go by in a snap.