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Tips For Choosing Interior and Exterior Colors

The Right Color For Your House
Saturday, 14 August 2010 21:28

There are several last key subjects left to consider when purchasing your paint. First of all, when you find a dozen or so colors you like, take them home and test them out on your walls. Make sure to wait and let them dry, because dry paint always looks different from wet paint. Also don’t paint them too closely or the colors might mix and match, and you’ll actually have no idea what you’re looking at.


Another thing to consider is color contamination. If your wall is already painted green, and you plaster red upon it, the red will end up looking different than if the original color had been yellow. See how the paint ends up looking on top of your old paint.


Also, always have a bucket of white paint handy. When you feel like a color is too strong, you can always dim it down a few shades by mixing in the white, and you’ll save yourself a few hundred bucks of not having to buy a whole new paint set. Experiment, but don’t go too wild. If you already painted a piece of your room red, mixing the rest of the red half and half with white might not be the best idea.

And last but not least, after everything is said and done, give yourself a couple of weeks to let the storm pass. Most people are not immediately satisfied with their creation, and often jump to the conclusion that another color would have been better. It is a common response, and it is due to our need of perfection and insecurity. Give the color some time to grow on you. If you still don’t like it after a couple of weeks, it might be time to go back to the drawing boards… but hopefully it will have grown on you by then.