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Choosing the Right Paint Color
Monday, 19 July 2010 18:49

When searching for the right colors, make sure to keep notes upon your observations. Make sure to write down paint colors and brands you like. You might remember about a great color, but have no brand to which it belongs to and have to start from square a. Also when going paint shopping, colors quickly mix up in your head and its near impossible to remember specific shades, even the most talented designers would have difficulty. So it’s a very wise idea to keep a small notebook and jot down things as you move along.

Another good idea is to look at all the colors you find in different lights. Often stores will place special lighting to make their colors “glisten” and appear amazing. Yet when you plaster it upon your normally lit room, it looks nothing like the miracle promised at the hardware store. So make sure to ask for samples, take them home, and examine them under different lights. A color you loved might appear terrible in your home, and one you thought would never fit might be exactly what you were looking for. Don’t be lazy; you don’t want to find out a certain color doesn’t match after you have already put it on your wall.


Finding the best color takes time. Try out different methods offered you by the store clerks; remember, this is their life. More often than not, they’re actually interested in what they do and they know what their talking about. You’ll be much better off listening to their advice than your own inner arrogance.